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Hey what’s up!

Welcome to our website! Really all you need to know about us, is that we are passionate about loving on teenagers in a way that gives them an environment to be themselves, express themselves and explore the issues of faith for themselves. 8th grade through 12th grade is such a crazy stressful time in the life of a teenager, so it’s our desire to go on their journey with them and help them navigate through everything they’ve got going on.

What we’re all about



This is an environment that has been created for every youth in Wilson to relax after a week of school, homework and sports. It’s a safe loving place where we get to know more about them and how they think. Every week we bring them a hot social topic that the world is talking about, and we get their opinions on it. It is truly fascinating the discussion that takes place.



Every Wednesday we hang out together to dig deeper into issues of life, faith and Jesus. What does it mean to live in this world and culture as teenager with a belief in Jesus? It’s crucial youth can learn to navigate through their faith with strength in a world that is ever increasing opposed to those beliefs. 




Places we go

We’re not some boring, “I don’t want to go to grandmas house” kind of youth program. We are in it to make memories that will last a life time. In a world full of bad news and unfortunate behavior, we believe it’s still possible to have honest, healthy fun. When the youth are still talking about the experiences they had at 15/16, then we’ve done our job.

Our Trips

Student Leaders

This is program that is currently is the process of being developed. We are extremely excited to be able to role this out within the next year or so. We are passionate about pouring into the next generation and teaching them how to become servant leaders in their generation.



Our Team

is deeply passionate about loving youth sacrificially


Stephen & Nicole Hay

We are totally sold out for reaching the youth with an unconditional love that can only come from a faith in Jesus. Between the two of us we have over 30 years of youth work experience combined. It’s our joy to create loving community that students can belong to and find their purpose in.

More info on our amazing volunteers coming very soon…


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